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“When I started using rhythmic breathing, my best marathon time was 2:52. After mastering the method, I set a personal best of 2:13.”

—Budd Coates
   Author of Running on Air

“The first half-marathon I ran after using rhythmic breathing in training was the most comfortable in my life. And I ran it 30 seconds per mile faster than my previous half!”

—Kari Dougan
   Personal trainer

“There were drastic changes in my race times, and the only difference was that I was using rhythmic breathing.”

—Logan Blyler
Competitive runner (used rhythmic breathing to run a mile in the low 4:40s)

“After a few runs, I noticed that my pace had increased by a full minute, from 10-minute miles to 9-minute miles, without putting in much more effort.”

—Robyn Jasko
   Recreational runner

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